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The Healing Force, a popular Christian family act represented by Indie Extreme, has been awarded the Bunche Medal for "bridging and celebrating African-American and African culture with spirit-affirming universal values, sparkling creativity, and stunning music, dance and traditional story-telling."

The international Bunche Medal was crafted in 2003 to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, the first U.S. citizen and the first person of color in the world to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The medal has been given since 2003 to individuals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of finding peaceful solutions to social problems through cultural education and enlightenment.

* Prizes include up to 4 IK Multimedia Total Guitar & Bass Gear Bundles and Drummerheads InstantDrummer Sessions *

Sonoma Wire Works announces RiffRumble 12, an online song contest for RiffWorks recording software users. Entries will be accepted for two weeks: September 10 - 23, 2008. Contestants worldwide will record songs on their own or team up into virtual bands of two to four musicians, record songs together online, and compete for over $2500 in prizes from IK Multimedia and Drummerheads. RiffRumble 12 takes place on RiffWorld.com, a vibrant online music collaboration and song posting community for RiffWorks users. No purchase necessary (RiffWorks T4 free edition may be used). No entry fee.

How to Play
Use RiffWorks to create a song yourself and enter it by RiffCasting it to “RiffRumble 12”. Or use RiffWorks to create an "invite-only" collaboration, invite 1 - 3 people to collaborate with you, then RiffCast it to “RiffRumble 12”. Or join RiffRumble 12 song collaborations by being invited to a song in progress. Enter songs September 10 - 23. The public votes September 10 - 30. Contestants vote September 24 - 30. Contest & Prize Details: http://www.riffworld.com/riffrumble/rr12

First Prize (Contestants Choice Category): Up to 4 musicians who use RiffWorks to create or collaborate on the song that wins first prize will each receive an IK Multimedia Total Guitar & Bass Gear Bundle download (AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, AmpliTube Metal, AmpliTube X-Gear, and Ampeg SVX). "Powered by AmpliTube” product information: http://www.amplitube.com

Second Prize (Public Vote Category): Up to 4 musicians who use RiffWorks to create or collaborate on the song that wins second prize will each receive 3 RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions by Drummerheads. Drummerheads product information: http://www.drummerheads.com

About RiffWorks
RiffRumble 12 celebrates the launch of RiffWorks T4, a free edition of RiffWorks guitar recording and online collaboration software. With RiffWorks T4 musicians can record ideas at the moment of inspiration, create complete songs with drums and effects, collaborate online with musicians worldwide, cast tunes to the RiffWorld.com online community, and compete in song contests for free. RiffWorks T4 includes an interactive "Quick Start" tutorial (translated into many languages) to help guitar players start recording ideas and complete songs immediately. Upgrade to RiffWorks Standard for 24 tracks plus drums, REX, ReWire, 9 InstantDrummer session loops, AmpliTube 2 Live and more. http://www.riffworks.com/T4

About RiffRumble
RiffRumble song contests are hosted by Sonoma Wire Works and sponsored by the hottest music industry companies. The first nine RiffRumbles were for solo songwriters, and now online collaboration song contests occur as well. Sponsors for past RiffRumbles have included Line 6, IK Multimedia, Taylor Guitars, Recording Magazine, and more. Recent prizes include a Taylor SolidBody Electric Guitar, an IK Multimedia StompIO and a Line 6 Variax Guitar.

About Sonoma Wire Works
Incorporated in 2003, Sonoma Wire Works develops high-quality, innovative products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music. Headquartered in Los Altos, California, Sonoma Wire Works' development group has more than 25 years of audio engineering experience. Sonoma Wire Works products have received multiple editorial awards for performance and innovation, including a NAMM 08 Best in Show Trendsetter Award.

BeatBuggy, Inc, the leading global music production community, announced today the re-launch of beatbuggy.com. Beatbuggy is a new innovative social music beat catalogue discovery service aimed to let music consumers participate in the music industry. The new beatbuggy service will expand the company's existing services by including mainstream music producers, incorporating links among friends, and offering free MP3s from emerging music producers. These new services also allow consumers to share ratings, discover new music beats, and play the music production quiz to see how their skills rank against their friends.

With a brand new look and a fresh image, Beatbuggy will help consumers discover music beats based on what they and their friends like. "This represents an epic change in how music beat catalogues can be marketed and promoted on the web," said Duane Washington, CEO of Beatbuggy, inc. "We're thrilled to be at the forefront of innovation, and we have re-oriented the site to create a more efficient channel for music beats from undiscovered music producers to reach fans."

The company anticipates supporting other media players in the future.


Three Podcasts Feature Tim Young Band

Tim Young Band is becoming more and more associated with the Podcast nation. The first week of September has seen three podcasts pick up on the sounds of Tim Young Band.

Tim Young Band Podsafe profile:

DJ CeeJay, host of New Hampshire-based Opinionated Ramblings, started off her Labor Day special podcast with the song 'Work Today' from Tim Young's 2005 solo album RED. The Labor Day special is Podcast number 56 and first aired on September 1, 2008.

On September 3, Italian web community AmiciAmici.com Magazine's podcast debuted 'Hangin In' from the recently album "The Cost" in their Podcast number 61 or Puntata 61.

Rounding off the week was David Tanny's I Still Get Demented podcast which aired The Cost's 'Outta Town' on September 6.

9/11 still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths, yet it is still a part of every New Yorker's soul. The events of that day have changed America and how we are viewed in the world more than the Treaty of Versailles in 1919; wars, failing of diplomacy, etc. While the pain will never go away, and lost ones will not be forgotten, we should not only celebrate those who lost & gave their lives, but also those who survived the ordeal. Life is the most precious thing, and so New York's Post-Pop duo KOKO DOZO's members -- Amy Douglas and Polarity/1 -- want to remember 9/11 by everybody going out and dancing; to remember both the dead and celebrate the living. Join them this Thursday at Club NME (The Annex, NYC)... http://myspace.com/kokodozo
NEW YORK, NY - - Contemporary Native American Flute Music Duo NightDancers has been honored with an Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) nomination for their debut album entitled MONTANA CROSSINGS in the Native Heart category. Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) recognizes and promotes the very best in commercially released Native American music created by both established and emerging artists. The ISMA Awards are presented live during the Indian Summer Festival held September 5-7 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the awards ceremony on Saturday, September 6, 2008. Entries are judged by a panel of respected professionals from across the music and entertainment industries. Winners are selected from 13 categories including Folk, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Spiritual, Traditional Drum, Native Heart and more!

An invitation to perform live at Indian Summer Festival 2008 was extended to NightDancers for Sunday, September 7th, Harley Davidson Stage, at 5:30pm. NightDancers has accepted but prior commitments and scheduling/routing issues has Gera Clark remaining on tour in Ireland and France. John Sarantos will perform with very special guest artists Jan Seiden and Redbelly (David Martinka). Sarantos' set will include songs from MONTANA CROSSINGS as interpreted by his musical guests.
Hello there, i found out about a local country concert of, at least for me, the most original sensation Amy Speace! she is playing a local gig for a live XM Radio audience this Wednesday (09/03), tonight, at The Living Room. but those who are not able to make it to this gig Ihave good news for you, she will be having an encore!!! It will be a Houseconcert featuring Amy Speace in Cambridge this Friday (09/05) evening! I advised all country fans to join me in attending this gig, and for those who are still a bit skeptical, find out more about her yourself.

August 5, 2008 (Friday)

Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 8:00

Suggested donation is $15 per person or $25 per couple

Advance reservations for this event are appreciated, as our space is limited

Please RSVP to:

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Hey everyone I found this great new jazz artist whose beats truly flow. Gary Paul Bryant has been on the top 5 of the Soundclick music charts in both the World and Jazz categories (5th and 3rd respectively). When I saw this I was truly impressed and decided to give him a try and he soon became a favorite of mine. Often fluctuating from the 30's to 1st very erratically, Mr. Bryant's music will always be top 5 on my list, so at-least come check him out.



Hey everyone! I found out about this nifty new Music Biz made by Virtual Venues Network (VVN). It seems that now all corners of the globe can now enjoy live music concerts without the artists being there. How is this done you ask, well the live shows are recorded and they are streamed for live audiences in the far reaches of the world that normally would never have a chance to see artist on tour, can finally do so. Yet this does not only help fans, but it will help independent musicians reach wider audiences.
Hey Fellow country fans, i got an email that New York musician Amy Speace is playing a local gig for a live XM Radio audience this coming Wednesday (09/03) at The Living Room. i first saw Amy Speace at Rockwood Music Hall a few weeks ago and immeadiately fell in love. her music is a soothing mixture of rich melody with a soothing harmony that melted my heart. I advised all country fans to join me in attending this gig, and for those who are still a bit skeptical, find out more about her yourself.

Wednesday September 3 at 9pm
>> 154 Ludlow Street, NYC

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